Screening and Validation

For anyone I have not had the pleasure of meeting with before I require screening. This process is for both my safety and comfort and for the safety and comfort of my existing friends. Rest assured that I am discreet with any information you provide and it will remain private between us.

There are a few ways for me to screen you, but a selfie of you holding up an ID is preferred.

  • #1 ID – this is the best and fastest option for new friends who do not have any established references. Please send a government issued ID (such as a drivers license) and a selfie of you holding the ID. You may block out the address but I do need to see your full name and date of birth.
  • #2 Employment Verification – In addition to the above I may also require some sort of employment verification. Some of the options are –
    • A LinkedIn profile which must have a photo of you and 150+ connections.
    • Your work website that contains a photo of you.
    • Photo of your work ID badge along with a selfie of you holding the badge.
    • Name of the company you work for along with their website, company phone number, and your direct line or extension. I will call and simply say “Hello this is Ann confirming your appointment with Dr. Montclair on (our appointment time)”.
  • #3 References – Please send the name, website, email and/or phone number of at least two references who you have seen in the past year. I will reach out to them to verify you.